Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ivan saw DJ Jazzy Jeff

Actually anyone that was at Club Opera that night got to see him also. The main reason i was there was Ivan birthday party. It was a bonus to be able to catch DJ Jazzy Jeff preform. To be honest i wasn't expecting something as versatile and almost ground breaking from the DJ. A nice combination of two bottles of choice alcohol and a wicked mash-up of killer tracks blew me away. The venue was a great place for that show. If you frequently want to go outside for a cigarette, you might want to rethink that. They decide when to frisk you or not as you walk through the metal detector. other than smoking not being good for you, waiting 20 minutes in line to get back into the club were two bottles of your booze awaits you and your gentle caresses isn't greatest of joys. other than that, we had a good crew with us. the music was awesome, the vibe was cool, and we got to celebrate Ivan's baby steps toward retirement.

if ya'll like DJing, and think its too late to start, check out this granny do her thang.
peace out...
thats "MISTER" Belt Danglin' to you buddy.


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