Friday, November 24, 2006

F#@kin' Beavers...literally

Soon it will be Friday morning around 7:00 am, and I"ll probably be on my way with my dad to the country house so that I can once again suport his war with the beavers and their tree-ist organization. I swear under my breath cause the reminisce of my warm bed is still present in my short term memory as my father drives at 50 kms an hour, preaching that 'who goes slowly, will go for a long time'. what should take an hour takes an hour and a half. cut to: now I'm waist deep in sludge infested with beaver fever, with a make shift anchor thats attached to a large rope. I attempt to throw this anchor onto the beavers damn and pull the rope as hard as I can to remove as many of the branches as I can. Its not impossible, but it takes a lot of passion and patience to get it done right. As I am still nursing a large headache from the binge drinking I did with Mr Machoca the night prior, its not helping none. I haven't drank like that in a while. I reminded myself why I stopped without a fight. Anyway..back to the beavers. We don't want to hurt any beavers, we just want them to stop flooding cause we cant get to our drinking water, and their flooding has caused the road extensive damage. The only other solution is to relocate them, which I am in the process of doing...(not very well i might add, but none the less I'm trying!)
So when you read this while at work, all warm and cozy, eating a good lunch, wearing stylish socks, think of me wearing those rain boots that go up till your nipples...yeah those are the ones. I've taken some video footage of the damage, and ill be sure to post it up here soon.
have a great Friday!

Nipple high boots Boy.

speaking of beaver, heres a new and interesting way to drink tequila from now on in...Garen i know you'll like this one.


Anonymous said...

why don't you offer binge drinking options to the fucken beavers. That's a positive way to relocate

Jonny Quest !! or better known in Saraguay as the BLACK BANDIT !!

Sun Nov 26, 12:02:00 AM  

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