Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Breaking news..Robert Altman dies...81

Sadly, Robert Altman 81, died in a Los Angeles hospital. The last film i watched of his was prairie home companion. Based on a popular radio show, I was hesitant to see it until Karus Cartoun sold me the idea. We saw it in the theater and the whole place was up in stitches. some great moments with some great actors. Watching Altman receive his honorary Oscar made me rethink my position on bestowing this award in lieu of getting it for just one movie. It's easy to think that any "honorary" tribute is viewed as a substitute for your peers not voting for you in prior seasons, but Altman's work ranged over the decades, and he was deserving of the industry's respect, even when it was the same industry that often snubbed him. one quote of his about the trials of dealing with the studio system in Hollywood: "They make shoes, I make gloves" that sums it up perfectly. We'll miss you Mr. Altman.


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