Monday, November 20, 2006

Eat fries and DIE

Is it me or are we all excited that Bush has lost his grip on the planet? Is it me or does everyone find it strange that there aren't more electric cars occupying our streets? Is it only me or does everyone think that if bush was born in 1985 he would have been an emo? He would probably would have listened to Good Charlotte or Simple Plan, moping around his downtown apartment, painting his toe nails. Don't tell me you cant see it. How much different are things going to be now that the change has happened? I'm not saying that i know anything about American politics, but its like having the choice of donuts or chicken fingers. By the way, chickens don't have fingers. We all know that, but just the other day i was having lunch with Nabsibouch and we saw this larger fellow (fat ass) eating a meal (a plate of tortured animals) a he purchased (brainwashed to buy) from Kentucky Fried Chicken, and there wasn't anything green on his plate. His meal was in cups. He bought popcorn chicken, chicken fingers, fries and a soft drink, which is exactly what it was doing to him, making him soft! The only thing that was not fried was the tray that garbage was displayed on! Wake up! Nabs used to joke around years ago about how he thought that burger king had a charcoal aerosol spray they used on the burgers, who would have known he was right! I really cant wait for 'fast food nation' to premiere. I hope it opens some eyes. TRANS FATS SHOULD BE should Bush and his hate for stem cell research!


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