Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quit smoking before 'May 31st'

No smoking in clubs in Montreal has caused a wide spread panic throughout the city! Its like when you break up with a girlfriend, it takes a couple of days to realize that she isn't coming back to you and that eventually your sheets will stop smelling like her. Ahh god!!! Have mercy!! Bare with me here. I'm figuring that if we all have to quit by D day, that being 'May 31st' , we should be able to help each other out. First thing we all have to do is FUCKING QUIT SMOKING!! That would help. Secondly NO MORE BUMMING CIGARETTES!! Before the ban on smoking bumming a dart didnt seem so bad, but after the ban its going to be taken as an insult. No ones going to buy smokes, but still want to smoke. Its going to get quite annoying. Thirdly, wouldn't you love to know that we, people of this great canadian land, were able to push out the large cigarette companies cause we all stopped smoking at the same time!?? It would be awesome trust me. All we need to do is convince those lazy ass Quebecors who gamble their unemployment insurance money away, smoking two packs a day, drinking and eatting may wests and a coke in the morning, 24 fuckin beers for lunch and dinner, going to the clinic on our tax payers money cause the retard has chronic bronchitis. If we can only get those people on our side! Lets try to work together in the fight to quit smoking. Its going to be worth it!

Howie "smokestakes" Macloud


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