Monday, March 06, 2006

Do the chicken dance

Do I hear birds? Or has the copious amounts of raw angel dust gotten to my head? I awoke from another night of lucid dreams where I was flying an ultralight. It might not be lucid dreams but rather an out of body experience. Who knows...Who cares..All I know is that I want a fuckin pilots license right now!! Anyway, I fell out of bed and crawled to the window in desperate need of fresh air. My belly was filled with 6 hour old Paul et Suzanne hamburger and poutine and many pounds of smokey club air. arrghh my situation could not have been worst. All I needed now was to move my curtains and see a fridged, snow covered,windy, minus 15 landscape and I would have felt like I did all winter. I opened the window and didn't notice that it was nice outside. The crisp spring air hit me like insulin, yet that wasn't enough to awake my inner, hibernating bear. as my head lay on my arms the small sounds of a curious bird wafted through my window and right into my ear. Its like I was papillion and hadn't hear the sound of a bird in 10 years. That's when I got up and danced. Go to and type in an action. The giant chicken will act out most of your desires.

Old man Higgins says,
"time to air out my shorts!"


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