Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Drinking in the drink - Floods in Ireland

The planet is filled with disastrous situations, complicated people and chaotic chances. It's wonderful to see people enjoying life amidst pain and chaos. knowing your emotional capability might be the most important lesson you learn in your life. If your able to be the same person you are when in trouble as you would be in ecstasy, then your probably better off than most. I would imagine that most people think that quiet people are weak and manipulable, I find this to be false. Its when you don't have to force your emotions on someone or force your personality on people that make you a quality human being. Some people would think i was making fun of these people drinking while their loved ones are in danger and the land being destroyed...i say NAY! 'The water is only ankle high, we should start worrying when its wetting our breeches'. Besides, dealing with the lose is always easier when completely licked. I mean look at Brad Pitts character in snatch! I'm not advising anyone to drink when in pain, I'm just saying that if they can do it in the movies there must be a reason why. "what ever will be, will be." is a line my father likes to say, and i think is valid when dealing with planetary hick ups. We have no control, so might as well let nature take is course and have a Jameson on the rocks with a splash of ginger ale. If your looking for new drink ideas, or want to know how to mix classic ones, heres a website called drinksmixer.com that you might enjoy......CHEERS


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