Monday, January 30, 2006

Left hand special.

Most of us never use our left hands, unless your left handed of course. We go though life never knowing what its like to have complete control of both hands or have them obey your every whim. Try cutting your steak with your left hand or the obvious one is writing with the weaker hand. I would imagine fighting is the same. Why would you throw your strong hand first and not follow up? I would throw the weak hand first and follow up right away with my strong hand before he realized he got hit. As you can see by the photo I caught a right handed fist while I was trying to break up a fight between an original saraguayian Nick Machocha and some fuckin' weak ass bitches. One of the three decided I was to be involved in the fight seeing that I was doing a good job of breaking it up. Little did they know that hitting me was the trigger that switched Nick from a foul mouth to a brawler. It was three against two. Fighting beside Nick was easier than I thought. I'm not much of a fighter nor do I go around looking for fights, but I was in the red pretty hard and showed that skinny shit the left hand special. Regardless we left those three suckers in the snow and ran back to my car. We ended up at nicks house with ice on my face another fuckin beer in my hand and a half eaten pizza still in its oily box on the floor. The rest of the night I listened to Nick laugh at out loud.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

'Finger in the music' Jako

Montreal's most famous tribute band rocks out for the Galapagos islands! "THE PROJECT" is set to hit the stage at the 'Hive' (Concordia Loyola campus bar) at 8:30 to rock out for an important wildlife preservation charity fundraiser this coming Friday. I don't know exactly what the fundraiser is about but I don't care. All I care about is that its 5 bucks at the door and 2 dollar beers all night...How much more do you need to know?... Eh??? What do you think your gonna do, help the planet, go volunteer your time in the Galapagos?? Shut the fuck up and show up, fuck nuts! There's nothing you can do but pay your entrance fee, sit down, drink tons of beer, zip your pie hole and enjoy a retardedly awesome rock band knock your knickerbockers off. So if you like Guns and Roses or Stone Temple Pilot, you should definitely be there! You know I'm gonna be there, I've got a bet with Garen "Duffy" Adjemian that I'm gonna lay so much puke on his stage that he's gonna slip and fall on the 'poutiny' mess I create!
DIRECTIONS: take Sherbrooke west beyond Decarie and go all the way until you see the Concordia Loyola campus on your right hand side. Look for the big sign that says 'Oscar Peterson' then follow the crowds or ask someone where the Hive is...You'll find it you Sally!

I'm outta here!
Jako Bumbert.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Itsik and Kimi have a new tenant!!

Although the tenant is quiet small, harmless, speaks a language no one understand, except for possibly kimi at times, the new tenant is able to shatter windows with his well trained operatic lungs and vocal chords. I asked him what his name was, he told me in a whisper, "Joey Marco Romano." after waiting for him to finish taking a long sip from a breast I proceeded to ask him where he was from. With his delicate whisper he said, "a very dark place, lots of water, muffled music, muffled voices, a warm climate. I was astounded at the fact that he would move from a place like that to the cold frigid winter wonderland we call Montreal. He smiled, and went back to drinking his perfectly room tempered milk. Id like to congratulate Itisk and Kimi on there new arrival. I wish you health and love.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Italian sports anchor diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome.

You know its a horrible day when Italian TV syndicates pull Germano Mosconi, a famous Italian soccer announcer, off the air when he was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome. Tourettes is a terrible disease that, among other things, can make someone curse and swear uncontrollably. Hobo Divine in forms me that its also known in some circles as "love". As for Mr.Mosconi only the Lord himself knows why and how he was able to stay on TV and do what he loved to do for so long. If he would have known that being this passionate about his work could cost him his job, I'm sure he would have taken all his pills. If you'd like to see a clip of his out bursts click here. Our thoughts are with him on his journey to a speedy recovery.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Interview with HOBO DIVINE

One lazy Wednesday night at 2:00 am, we had this conversation. Hobo Divine is one of the most brilliant emerging audio and visualists. His "fresh" look on all aspects of his arts, keep me waiting for the next move! To see his website check WWW.UPSIDEDOWNPRESS.COM

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

O.K. Everybody, lets play nice.

It seems that some unknown person has been using S.S.'s comment box for their own personal vendetta. Here at S.S. we don't take kindly to that, and unless we all play nicely, management is going to cut the comment section all together. If its cause you guys are bored I found a website that has a ton of the top internet videos, clips and what-nots to keep even the most primitive life forms amused. Some very funny stuff. Our mission is to create a community where we can all feel at home. Just like how Saraguay has made me feel for many years. I dont want to mediate, im am not the UN. No hard feelings...Lets get back to having fun. Please feel free to add a comment of your ideas for possible future issues. All your concerns and ideas will be carefully scrutinized.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

We Won....AGAIN!

Yes, thank you! The CSIE Concordia video had its run in this years conference in nova Scotia and won hands down again!! Hats off to Itisk, Gaetano, and marvelous voice stylings of Mike. The video was the talk of the conference once again. Those U of T bastards probably cried their eyes out cause their film students suck unwashed unsalted crusty assholes in a can. Go cry to mama you fuckin losers. Its a really emotional time for all of us right now so you have to bare with me. I'm extremely excited about winning next year again too! Please someone hand me a tissue! My tiny hands aren't big enough to grab one!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Live on a P.E.I. radio station.

Lets all raise our glasses to naughty dirty wives!

Geetee LaDuce.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


As most of you know, I'm not much of a political person. I don't follow as much as I should so that I'm well informed on who I should vote for in the end. The liberals somehow misplaced a billion dollars...The conservatives wanna be "Dubia's" bitch...Who else can we vote for! A friend sent me this LINK that has some pretty funny ads that the Liberal party made. WOW I'm scared now! I think James Bond should run for office. You know he'd have my vote! "yeshhh, martinis for everyone, I promise clubshhh would shhhtay open until all the dolls have been shhhatishfied! yeshh" If anyone can help me decide who I should vote for please let me know. Voting is better than not voting right?? Who wants Bush to have control of Canada all raise your hands! Who wants the liberals to misplace more money raise your hands? And who wants James bond to help everyone get laid!?? Raise your hands...That's what I thought. Well I'm glad that Gee Tee LaDuce invited me to write the blog. I'm signing off now...toodles!

Geralda Yokistort

Monday, January 09, 2006

Due to my disappearance

I know a few very serious readers have filed some complaints about my, "abandoning the saraguay solicite" and I scream HOG WASH! I feel bad enough, I should have written even the stupidest thing. I don't think you would have appreciated that. I had been very busy Directing a short for the Concordia engineering department for their conference in nova Scotia or some far eastern ridge of Canada. Last year their video called "briefcase dreams" won hands down! It was the talk of the school. If you want to see that video go to this website and then press mute which is on the top right had corner. Then click on gallery then scroll down until you see csie movie. This year though, it was animated by Itsik Romano, and you can find this years video at and look under recent projects. I promise ill be a good boy and write more....umm..Yeah you can kiss my mutha fuckin' ass!! Ill write when i'm good and ready! BITCH! CRRAACCK

"In-diana's Bones, and the temple of Poon"