Friday, November 24, 2006

F#@kin' Beavers...literally

Soon it will be Friday morning around 7:00 am, and I"ll probably be on my way with my dad to the country house so that I can once again suport his war with the beavers and their tree-ist organization. I swear under my breath cause the reminisce of my warm bed is still present in my short term memory as my father drives at 50 kms an hour, preaching that 'who goes slowly, will go for a long time'. what should take an hour takes an hour and a half. cut to: now I'm waist deep in sludge infested with beaver fever, with a make shift anchor thats attached to a large rope. I attempt to throw this anchor onto the beavers damn and pull the rope as hard as I can to remove as many of the branches as I can. Its not impossible, but it takes a lot of passion and patience to get it done right. As I am still nursing a large headache from the binge drinking I did with Mr Machoca the night prior, its not helping none. I haven't drank like that in a while. I reminded myself why I stopped without a fight. Anyway..back to the beavers. We don't want to hurt any beavers, we just want them to stop flooding cause we cant get to our drinking water, and their flooding has caused the road extensive damage. The only other solution is to relocate them, which I am in the process of doing...(not very well i might add, but none the less I'm trying!)
So when you read this while at work, all warm and cozy, eating a good lunch, wearing stylish socks, think of me wearing those rain boots that go up till your nipples...yeah those are the ones. I've taken some video footage of the damage, and ill be sure to post it up here soon.
have a great Friday!

Nipple high boots Boy.

speaking of beaver, heres a new and interesting way to drink tequila from now on in...Garen i know you'll like this one.

Art show in Toronto.

This is a cool project Pascal has been working on for the past couple of months. Last I saw the "canvas", it was greatly changed from the pictures below. Should be interesting to see the outcome...and the artists themselves are an interesting bunch of characters.
The official opening is this Saturday (November 25) from 4 to 6pm. Beer, wine. 14+ artists. Possible brawl. For directions, see the map at the end.

The info:

A Dyan Marie Project curated with Pascal Paquette.

PAINT JAM: For the love of painting
Open Saturdays 1 - 5 PM and by appointment
From November 18 to December 2, 2006

Reception November 25, 4 - 6 PM

Shelley Adler
Blue Republic
Miklos Legrady
Richard Mongiat
John Scott

An initiative with Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Center Graffiti Arts
Program Support from City of Toronto Graffiti Arts Program, DIG IN and the
Dupont/Bloor West Community

1444 Dupont, Building D, No 31
Toronto, Ontario M6P 4H3
T: 416 539.8129
click to enlarge photos.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Breaking news..Robert Altman dies...81

Sadly, Robert Altman 81, died in a Los Angeles hospital. The last film i watched of his was prairie home companion. Based on a popular radio show, I was hesitant to see it until Karus Cartoun sold me the idea. We saw it in the theater and the whole place was up in stitches. some great moments with some great actors. Watching Altman receive his honorary Oscar made me rethink my position on bestowing this award in lieu of getting it for just one movie. It's easy to think that any "honorary" tribute is viewed as a substitute for your peers not voting for you in prior seasons, but Altman's work ranged over the decades, and he was deserving of the industry's respect, even when it was the same industry that often snubbed him. one quote of his about the trials of dealing with the studio system in Hollywood: "They make shoes, I make gloves" that sums it up perfectly. We'll miss you Mr. Altman.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Eat fries and DIE

Is it me or are we all excited that Bush has lost his grip on the planet? Is it me or does everyone find it strange that there aren't more electric cars occupying our streets? Is it only me or does everyone think that if bush was born in 1985 he would have been an emo? He would probably would have listened to Good Charlotte or Simple Plan, moping around his downtown apartment, painting his toe nails. Don't tell me you cant see it. How much different are things going to be now that the change has happened? I'm not saying that i know anything about American politics, but its like having the choice of donuts or chicken fingers. By the way, chickens don't have fingers. We all know that, but just the other day i was having lunch with Nabsibouch and we saw this larger fellow (fat ass) eating a meal (a plate of tortured animals) a he purchased (brainwashed to buy) from Kentucky Fried Chicken, and there wasn't anything green on his plate. His meal was in cups. He bought popcorn chicken, chicken fingers, fries and a soft drink, which is exactly what it was doing to him, making him soft! The only thing that was not fried was the tray that garbage was displayed on! Wake up! Nabs used to joke around years ago about how he thought that burger king had a charcoal aerosol spray they used on the burgers, who would have known he was right! I really cant wait for 'fast food nation' to premiere. I hope it opens some eyes. TRANS FATS SHOULD BE should Bush and his hate for stem cell research!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Director Robert De Niro??

Yes you heard right, the great Robert De Niro has moved to the other side the mirror! Not only am i excited cause i know his work will be amazing, I'm also a little nervous and jealous which makes me 'jealvous' about his work being amazing! Heres the link to the trailer of Mr. De Niro's up coming film called "the good Shepard". It looks incredible!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

A picture everyday

I liked this clip very much and wanted to share it with all of you. The idea reminds me of the move smoke, when the store keeper takes a photo every year of his store front. Such a nostaligic feeling.
A Picture Every Day

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piece of time

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Drinking in the drink - Floods in Ireland

The planet is filled with disastrous situations, complicated people and chaotic chances. It's wonderful to see people enjoying life amidst pain and chaos. knowing your emotional capability might be the most important lesson you learn in your life. If your able to be the same person you are when in trouble as you would be in ecstasy, then your probably better off than most. I would imagine that most people think that quiet people are weak and manipulable, I find this to be false. Its when you don't have to force your emotions on someone or force your personality on people that make you a quality human being. Some people would think i was making fun of these people drinking while their loved ones are in danger and the land being destroyed...i say NAY! 'The water is only ankle high, we should start worrying when its wetting our breeches'. Besides, dealing with the lose is always easier when completely licked. I mean look at Brad Pitts character in snatch! I'm not advising anyone to drink when in pain, I'm just saying that if they can do it in the movies there must be a reason why. "what ever will be, will be." is a line my father likes to say, and i think is valid when dealing with planetary hick ups. We have no control, so might as well let nature take is course and have a Jameson on the rocks with a splash of ginger ale. If your looking for new drink ideas, or want to know how to mix classic ones, heres a website called that you might enjoy......CHEERS